My Vision for Black Letter Beauty:

Why "Black Letter"? This term is often used by lawyers to describe the basic principles of law that are so established as to be beyond arguments. It is also the name of type of calligraphy font, which you can see in my logo.

I always want to read about (and buy!) products that just work. I'm a busy working woman and I need my products to withstand the demands of my life. I want honest reviews that are based on a timely consideration of a product, with detailed information as to performance, as well as good photos showing the swatches. I want to read reviews from someone whose recommendations I trust.

I read several blogs daily and follow brands, journalists and bloggers on social media, however, I've recently become somewhat disillusioned by how the market has begun to function. Many blogs have strayed too far from the roots that made them great and have become mostly paid for content. An unbiased opinion is becoming harder to find.  For me, the true purpose of beauty blogs is to tell people what's great and what not to waste your money on. I'm not interested in posting a fiction of a life, with highly edited photos and stagey set-ups.

I also find the trend towards brands using very young (normally teenage) "influencers" to promote their products, who are essentially models by any other name, disappointing. I feel that, as ridiculous as it sounds, 25+ women, particularly those that lead "normal" lives, are marginalised by brands, despite them having the bulk of the spending power.

This is where I think "black letter" comes in. This blog will never be anything other than a list of products I've tried and what I think of  them. It will be about the basic principles of beauty shopping and the products I think can make your life brilliant. That's why I love beauty. No matter how dull and functional my life can feel sometimes, a little peek into my lipstick stash always fills me with a thrill of escapism. My background in the City and my experience with professional women have enabled me to understand what women want from their beauty products and regime, but they often aren't sure of what products and techniques they need to achieve their desired outcomes.

Image by Olivia Whitbread-Roberts

Image by Olivia Whitbread-Roberts

Black Letter Beauty is here to answer all your product and technical questions as well as providing demonstrations of looks that can work for anyone. Please take a look at my contact page to see the specific services we offer and get in touch!